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22- Distinguished Problemists (53) : Abdelaziz Onkoud , By Nikola Stolev.

jeudi 19 avril 2012
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
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Abdelaziz Onkoud was Born on november 30th , 1972 in Azemmour , Morocco. He began composing in 1990. He has composed about 2200 problems in all genres and won about 600 distinctions. He is an International Master for chess games ( Elo 2384 , January 2012). Champion Morocco 1998 . International Judge 2011. FP- 4,50 ( up to 2006).

Now let us see some problems by this author.

N°1 is an economical diagonal/orthogonal Meredith setting of direct unpin of white by black with black self-block and model mates with delayed Umnov effects. Complete harmony betweenn solutions , reciprocally changed functions of white pieces and nice geometry in the play.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Suomen Tehtäväniekat 2000
1° Prix
Mat aidé en 2 coups
4 solutions

- 1.Té5 Cf4 2.Td5 Cé2‡
- 1.Fb4 Tg6 2.Fç3 Td6‡

N°2 is an interessting setting of two pairs of thematically connected solutions with alternate direct o indirect unpin of one of the two initially white pinned knights with black star self-blocks , two pairs of reciprocal dual avoidance and model mates.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Kudesnik 2010
1° Prix
Mat aidé en 2 coups
4 solutions

- 1.é5 Ca4 (Ce2 ?) 2.Dé2 C×ç5‡
- 1.Ff8 Cé2 (Ca4 ?) 2.C×é4 Cf4‡
- 1.Ca4 Cç2 (Cç4 ?) 2.Fç4 C×b4‡
- 1.Tb6 Cç4 (Cç2 ?) 2.Fç2 Cb2‡

N°3 presents the task of fourfold play bu an indirect royal battery , black self-block and model mates.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
T.T. Problem-Echo 2011
1° Prix
Mat aidé en 2 coups
4 solutions

- 1.Tg6 Rç3 2.Tf6 Cg7‡
- 1.Cé5 Ra5 2.Df5 d5‡
- 1.b×a4 R×ç4 2.f5 Fd5‡
- 1.Cç6+ R×b5 2.d5 F×ç8‡

An original combination of the Zilahi theme with Brede cross-checks , direct unpin of a white pinned piece and switchback model mates is shown in n°4 in an economical and excellently constructed Meredith position without white pawns.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Pat a Mat 2007
1° Prix
Mat aidé en 3 coups
2 solutions

- 1.R×ç5+ Fd5 2.Rb5 Rç7 3.Ra6 Fç4‡
- 1.R×ç4+ Cd3 2.Rb3 Rç6 3.Ra4 Cç5‡

N°5 achieves a complex diagonal/orthogonal TF-helpmate setting with two thematically connected pairs of solutions . A combination o mixed temporary interference with the Zilahi theme and consecutive sacrifice of black and white pieces is shown in the 1° pair and black anticipatory self pin with pîn-mates is presented in the 2° pair. A masterpiece.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Jubilé Yves Tallec 80 2009
1° Prix
Mat aidé en 3 coups
4 solutions

- 1.Fb5 Fd5+ 2.R×d5 Ca3 3.Rç5 T×b5‡
- 1.Ff3 Td5 2.R×d5 Cé1 3.Ré4 F×f3‡
- 1.Fç5 Fé4 2.f3 F×f5+ 3.Rd5 Cé3‡
- 1.Td4 Tç5 2.Té4 T×ç6+ 3.Rd5 Cb4‡

N°6 showns the difficult combination of a Pawn-Zilahi with a Valladao task : black castling and white Queen promotion in each solution and also en passant in the 1° solutions and a white Excelsior in the 2°.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
MT Mokhtar Kadiri
Maroc Echecs 2011
2° Prix
h‡5 (3+12) C+

- a)1.Fa7+ d4 2.é×d3 e.p.+ Rh1 3.Dé6 f×é6 4.0-0-0 é7 5.Rb8 é×d8=D‡
- b)1.T×f5 d4 2.Té5 d×é5 3.0-0-0 é6 4.Td7 é7 5.Tç7 é8=D‡

Orbit n°53 février 2012

20- Leonid I. KUBBEL
Národní Listy 1909
Mat en 2 coups

Solution de la position n°19 ( étude) :

1.d6+ Rç8 2.Ra7 Dg8 3.Tç2+ Rd8 4.Cf7+ D×f7 5.Tb2 +-


Logo de Abu Wassil
vendredi 20 avril 2012 à 14h43, par  Abu Wassil

A highly valued recognition from this referee. Congratulaions Ssi Aziz. That’s your merit and it will certainely arm you with a firmer impetus to do better. The term ’distinguished’ Mr. Nikola Stolev uses weighs the intellect, the inspiration as well as the perspiration that sign your ’baby chess problems’.

Congratulations once more.


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