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Award 4° Maroc Echecs : section h2,5-3 coups.

mercredi 10 septembre 2014
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
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- Award 4° Maroc Echecs
- Section aidés en 2,5-3 coups
- Judge : Jorge Kapros
- El Palomar, September 8th, 2014

I warmly thank Abdelaziz Onkoud for inviting me to be the Judge of this tourney. I received 24 problems on uniform and anonymous diagrams from him. I feel very much that five problems have had to be excluded from the judgement : Kg3-kc6 because s can be replaced by p ; Kf5-ke2 because pc3 and pe3 can be replaced by Pd2 which works in both solutions ; Kh6-kh1 because q can be replaced by b ; Kc5-kf5 because it is possible a less heavy position if everything moves a column, and finally Ka8-ke4 because I personally have considered whether to turn this h#2,5 into a more economic h#2 where both s can have options for arriving to d3 and e3. Some of these problems have prizeworthy ideas but I cannot award a prize to a problem whose economy can be improved. Ka1-kd4 has a forerunner that makes all very simple : Boris Shorokhov, Moskovsky konkurs (Shachmatnaya kompositsiya) 2008, 1st Prize : Ka8 Re8 Ba7 Pd4 Pe4 , ke3 bf1 pb6 pd5 pe7 pf3 pf5, h#3, I) 1.Kxe4 Txe7+ 2.Kxd4 Te3 3.Bc4 Bxb6# & II) 1.Kxd4 Bxb6+ 2.Kxe4 Be3 3.Bd3 Txe7#. The quality of the remaining entries was high and I have selected 10 problems for the award.

Participants :

Bidlen Anton F1,F8,F23 ; Gershinsky Mikhaïl F15*,F16*,F20* ; Ivunin Alexeï F17*,F18* ; Jonsson Christer F9,F10 ; Kolesnik Mikola F24* ; Labai Zoltán F19 ; Milanovic Mihajlo F22 ; Navon Emanuel F12* ; Onkoud Abdelaziz F3,F7,F13 ; Pankratiev Alexandre F15*,F16*,F17*,F18*,F20*,F21 ; Schonholzer Andreas F11 ; Semenenko Alexandre F4 ; Semenenko Valery F24* ; Solja Kenneth F6 ; Tritten Pierre F14 ; Vieira Ricardo F5 ; And Witztum Menachem F2,F12*.

Award 4° Maroc Echecs : section mats aidés en 2,5-3 coups
PDF - 95.3 ko

Après un délai de 3 mois , les resulats seront définitifs : 09/12 2014



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