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Award AN&YB : Section 3#

Maroc Echecs 2011
lundi 17 octobre 2011
par Youness Benjelloun
popularité : 2%

MAROC ÉCHECS Octobre 2011
Tournoi AN & YB
Juge : Dejan Glišić

At first I wish to thanks to all participants and neutral judge Youness Benjeloun. From neutral judge I received 15 threemovers on diagrams without author’s names.

Unfortunately, their quality was moderate. The most of problems had some weaknes as checking key or checking try, flight taking key, dual major, short threat or double threat, promoted piece and some other constructional weakneses or symmetry. The most of problems didn’t show nothing new.
I decided to award four problems. My ranking is as follows :

Participants :
Emmanuel MANOLAS (1) (Greece) , Chithathur Gopalan Sathya NARAYANAN (2) (Inde) , Christian POISSON (3,4,5,6) (France), Miroslav SVITEK (7) ( Czech Republic) , Dinko PASKALEV (8) (Bulgaria) , Abdelaziz ONKOUD (9,10) Morocco , Zoltán LABAI (11) (Slovakia) , Bernard DELOBEL (12) France) , Andrejs STREBKOVS (13) Letonie) , Arieh GRINBLAT (14,15) (Israel).

1st Prize - No10 , Abdelaziz Onkoud. As in author’s solution : Theme Barulin, Cyclic Zilahi and pinning pieces by e.p. captures. I realy enjoyed this problem !

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Tournoi AN & YB
Maroc Echecs 2011
1st Prize

‡3 10+13 C+

1.f4 ! [2.Fé5+ C×é5+ 3.f×é5‡]
1…g×f3 e.p. 2.D×a3+ (Cé4+ ?) C×a3 3.Fé5‡
1…é×f3 e.p. 2.Cé4+ (D×a3+ ?) C×é4 3.D×d5‡
1…Cb2 2.Cç5 [3.Cb7‡] d4/b×ç5 3.D×d4‡/Da6‡

1st Honourable Mention – No2 ,Chithathur G. S. Narayanan.Quaternary Black Correction by Bishop. 3 additional variations 1...Rxf1,Rd1 2.Kxc7 3.Rd5#, 1...Sg4 2.Sxd2 ( 3.De4,Sf3#) Sxe5 3.fe5#, 1...Sxf1 2.f5+ Bf4 3.Rxf4#

Chithathur G. S. NARAYANAN
Tournoi AN & YB
Maroc Echecs 2011
1st Honourable Mention

‡3 14+8 C+

1.d×é6 ! [2.Dd7+ Cd5/Ré4 3.D×d5‡/C×d2‡]
1…F , Fç3 2.f5+ Cg4 3.T×g4‡
1…Fé3 2.Cg3 [3.Dé4‡] (2…Te1 ?)
1…Fé1 2.C×h2 [3.Cf3‡] (not 2.Cg3 ? Fxg3 ! Te1/Tf1)
1…Fç1 2.Cé1 [3.D×d3‡] (not 2.Cg3 ?/Cf3 ? Fxb2 !)
1…T×f1 2.R×ç7 [3.Td5‡]
1…Td1 2.R×ç7 [3.Td5‡]
1…Cg4 2.C×d2 [3.Dé4‡, 3.Cf3‡] C×é5+ 3.f×é5‡
1…C×f1 2.f5+ Ff4 3.T×f4‡

1st commendation – No11 Zoltan Labai. Cycle of 2nd & 3rd White moves and 2 additional variations.

Zoltán LABAI
Tournoi AN & YB
Maroc Echecs 2011
1st commendation

‡3 (9+13) C+

1.Td4 ! [2.d×é6+ A Fd5 3.Td×d5‡ B]
1…F×d5 2.Td×d5+ B é×d5 3.Db8‡ C
1…Cé7 2.Db8+ C R×d7 3.d×é6‡ A
1…Fç5 2.Cb8+ R×é5 3.Cç6‡
1…T×é5 ,f×é5 2.Cb6+ Rç5 3.Tç4‡

2nd commendation - No9 Abdelaziz Onkoud.
Valladao task and two nice selfblocks.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Tourney AN & YB
Maroc Echecs 2011
2nd commendation

‡3 (10+8) C+

1.0-0-0 ! [2.d4+ é×d3 e.p./ç×d4 3.Té1‡/ç×d4‡]
1…ç×d5 2.a8=D [3.D×d5‡] F×é6/R×é6 3.Dh8‡/Dé8‡
1…é3 2.Té1 [3.T×é3‡] é2 3.T×é2‡
1…ç4 2.Cd7+ R×d5 3.Cf4‡


mercredi 19 octobre 2011 à 05h45

faute (mistake) -> Not Ivan Paskalev, but Dinko Paskalev.


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