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Award Best Problems 2009 : Mats aidés en 3 coups.

jeudi 21 avril 2011
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
popularité : 2%

Thirty-one problems H≠3 were published in Best Problems 2009. There are the following remarks. Onkoud (2341, BP52) : it’s possible to consider it as original, but similar play occurred already – Garai (2340, BP52).

by Viktor Zaitsev

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Best Problems 2009
2° Mention d’Honneur
Mat aidé en 3 coups
2 solutions

- 1.Tf2 d3+ 2.Ré3 Ff5 3.D×d3+ T×d3‡
- 1.Tg5 é6 2.Rf5 Té3 3.D×é6+ F×é6‡



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