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Award Probleemblad 2004 : multicoups.

mardi 10 mai 2011
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
popularité : 31%

Le commentaire du juge suédois Kjell Wildert :

« I don’t think the problem should be described with a list of two-move themes and have the solution littered with letters A,B,X,Y (as done in PB 2005-2) ; that does not give a better understanding of this typical four-move mechanism. What Happens is that Pnc6 can defend a mate on b4 or c4 but not both, so only the rear guards from Tc7 and Fe8 stop white from mating quickly bye 1.Cc2...2.Ff1 or conversly 1.Ff1...2...Cc2. The key decoys one of the rear guards and so the corresponding white attack will work-with added benefit of a third-move defense by the black pawn reintroducing the second-move threat. This lats feature , however,makes the try play less clean than desirable:1.Ff1 ? cxb5 ! 2.Cc2 Tc4 ! ou b4 ! (the other try is clean 1.Cc2 ? c5 ! 2.Ff1 ? Fxb5 !). This flaw, seemingly inherent in the matrix , cost the problem a few places in the award. »

Bien que le juge a retenu ce problème en queue de Peloton. La bonne nouvelle proviendra à coup sûr de la sélection de l’Album Fide 2004-06.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Probleemblad 2004
7° Recommandé
Mat en 4 coups

- 1.Cç2 ? A [2.Cb4‡ X]
- mais 1…ç5 ! a

- 1.Ff1 ? B [2.Fç4‡ Y]
- mais 1…ç×b5 ! b

- 1.f3 ! [2.f×é4+ f×é4 3.F×é4‡]
- 1…Fg6 2.Cç2 A [3.Cb4‡ X] ç5 a 3.Ff1 B [4.Fç4‡ Y] ç4 4.Cb4‡ X 2…T×b5 3.Ff1 [4.Fç4‡] Tç5 4.Cb4‡ 3…Tb4 4.C×b4‡
- 1…Té7 2.Ff1 B [3.Fç4‡ Y] ç×b5 b 3.Cç2 A [4.Cb4‡ X] b4 4.Fç4‡ Y



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