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Award StrateGems 2009 : Aidés.

mercredi 20 avril 2011
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
popularité : 1%

There were twenty-nine problems published in 2009 (only one h#2,5). The quality was very high , but without exceptional works. There were many equals among the compositions, and it took me time to rank them,and I often made changes.

Borislav Gadjanski

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
StrateGems 2009
1° Prix
Aidé en 3 coups

- a)1.Rç4 Cç5 2.b×ç5 Té3 3.Tb5 d6‡
- b)1.Ré3 Cf4 2.g×f4 Fç4 3.Ff6 é×f6‡

Commentaie du juge :

Complete Harmony between the play of white and black pieces in both phases , with a well-hidden solution. The black king arrives on the line of the white half battery. A double sacrifice by Knight opens black lines , facilitates self-blocks by black pawn, as well as opening lines for white pieces.Mates are given by pawn/rook and Pawn/Bishop batteries. The position of the white King (the only square possible) is the testimony to complexity and difficulty of this idea.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
StrateGems 2009
1° Mention d’Honneur
Aidé en 3 coups

- 1.Dé4 Ff8 2.Rf4 Fç5 3.Ff3 Fé3‡
- 1.Dg5 Tç1 2.Rf4 Tg1 3.Tf3 Tg4‡

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
StrateGems 2009
6° Mention d’Honneur
Aidé en 3 coups

- a)1.Cç5 Th1 2.Rd3 Tç1 3.Rç4 Fb5‡
- b)1.Cd5 Fg4 2.Rç3 Fé2 3.Rç4 Tç6‡



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