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Award e4e5 2008 : Mat aidé en 2 coups.

lundi 1er février 2010
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
popularité : 1%

83 problems by 40 authors from 21 countries took part in the competition. In itself, it is good news for this review and for the person who did absolutely everything in order to bring this website to life, Dan Gurgui.


Commentaire du juge à propos du 7° recommandé : Eric Huber.

This work presents an impressive amount of strategy in the first black move : unpin of black and white unit as well as anticipatory interference. The change of black pin is a fairly wellknown strategic theme and was the subject of an article by C. J. Feather in ‘Orbit’ several years ago. Choosing the simple self-block as a motivation for the 1st black move is not the best strategic option. The twinning is not too brilliant, but the general impression is rather positive nonetheless.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
e4e5 2008
7° Recommandé
Mat en 2 coups

- a)1.Fé4 Tb3 2.Cb5 Ff7‡
- b)1.Dé4 Fç6 2.C4b3 Tç2‡

A noter : je suis juge de la section des aidés pour l’année 2009 de la revue e4e5.



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