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by Christopher Jones
lundi 14 septembre 2009
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
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Des analyses très poussées sont proposées aux lecteurs de la revue Anglaise The problemist. Tous les deux mois, Christopher Jones choisit 4 problèmes aidés qui ont marqué l’actualité de la composition internationale.

Another "TF-helpmate" won the top prize in the H#3 section of Yves Tallec’s jubilee tourney. E3 is an excellent construction. The first two solutions feature B1 sacrifices of the bB that are not accepted until the mating move, followed by none-too-obviously-signposted open-square sacrifices on d5 to enable the bK to reach the square on which it will be mated.

This Zilahi couplet, showing orthogonal/diagonal correspondance, would represent an accomplished problem in its own. However, the composer has grafted on another couplet that serves as a fine counterpoint.

This time, no twinning is needed ; and note that (unlike E2’s wPc6) it has not been necessary to add new units to the board : the Be3 and Rd6 protagonists in these further solutions, acted as blocks in the first couplet.

This function-change of black officers embellisches the changed roles of wB and wR, now both active in both solutions. And we should note too the range of uses found for the wS, which moves to a different square in each of the four phases.

In such a rich mix, it does not worry me that the black play in the second couplet does not show the same move-by-move, correspondance as in the first, nor that the move Ke6>d5 appears in all four solutions. (It’s interesting to consider why some move repetitions offend much less than others [if at all]- a move that occurred in three of the solutions would seem much worse than one that appears in all four.)

Source : The problemist, septembre 2009 , page 213.

Abdelaziz Onkoud
Jubilé Yves Tallec -80 2009
1er Prix
YT 1
mat Aidé en 3 coups
4 solutions

- 1.Ff3 Td5 2.R×d5 Cé1 3.Ré4 F×f3‡
- 1.Fb5 Fd5+ 2.R×d5 Ca3 3.Rç5 T×b5‡
- 1.Fç5 Fé4 2.f3 F×f5+ 3.Rd5 Cé3‡
- 1.Td4 Tç5 2.Té4 T×ç6+ 3.Rd5 Cb4‡


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mardi 15 septembre 2009 à 17h20, par  Abdelaziz Onkoud

Merci Youness ,

Ce point est très précieux ! Il récompense 3 années de travail !!


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mardi 15 septembre 2009 à 16h59, par  Youness Benjelloun


Mon ami et maître Chere Onkoud Félicitations à toi aussi pour ce marquage aux résultats préliminaires de l’Album FIDE Preliminary selection in section E2 - Moremover helpmates (h#2½-) 2004-06.

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mardi 15 septembre 2009 à 14h51, par  Abdelaziz Onkoud

Félicitations à christopher Jones qui totalise 26 points aux résultats préliminaires de l’Album FIDE 2004-06.

- Jones, Christopher 26
- Abdurahmanovic, Fadil 15,42
- Shorokhov, Boris 5
- Caillaud, Michel 4
- ..........
- Onkoud,Abdelaziz 1

FIDE-ALBUM 2004-2006


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