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Problemaz helpmates in >2 award 2008

vendredi 15 janvier 2010
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
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By Michael McDowell

42 problems were judged. The overall standard was low, with many problems relying for their effect solely on model mates or straightforward mate-building manoeuvres lacking any real strategy. In an article published in the BCM in 1980 the late Friedrich Chlubna noted how difficult it is to compose a helpmate standing out for its thematical content, originality and economy. How much more difficult it is thirty years on ! Unfortunately far too many ordinary helpmates are published nowadays, as editors struggle to fill space.

One problem which I would have liked to include in the award is 463 by Pierre Tritten, but it is anticipated by Valery Gurov, idee & form 2000 8/3k1r2/4pq2/2K3p1/8/6B1/4p1Bb/7b h#3 (2 solutions) 1.Qd8 Ba8 2.Bb7 Bd6 3.Bc8 Bc6 ; 1.Ke7 Bb8 2.Bc7 Bc6 3.Bd8 Bd6. I prefer the lighter 463, with its echoed mates.

HM 458 Christer Jonsson, Jacques Rotenberg and Abdelaziz Onkoud

A curious and successful blend of matching and unmatching elements. The unusual bishop and pawn Zilahi is unexpected and the mating pieces return to their starting squares, the bishop having performed a switchback and the pawn a round trip. The model mates are a welcome bonus.

Christer JONSSON,Jacques ROTENBERG & Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Problemaz 2008
Mention d’honneur
Aidé en 2,5 coups
2 solutions

1...Fh7 2.T×f5 Fg3+ 3.R×é6 Fg8‡ 1...é7 2.T×g8 é8=D+ 3.Rd5 Dé6‡

- Zilahi
- Switchback
- Circuit de Pion
- Circuit linéaire
- Mats modèles
- Promotion

1st Commend 284 C.J.Feather

Two nicely forced sequences. In (a) the queen must keep in touch with h7 and co-operate with the knight to help the white king advance. In (b) the queen must simply get out of the way, and the interest lies in the knight’s unique path to h7. Good entertainment for solvers.

Problemaz 2008
1° Recommandé
Aidé en 6 coups

- a)1.Dd3+ Rb4 2.Cç2+ Rç5 3.Cd4 Rd6 4.Cé6+ Ré7 5.Cg7 Rf8 6.Dh7 Cf7‡
- b)1.Dh3+ Rb4 2.Cç2+ Rç5 3.Cé3 Rd6 4.Cg4 Ré6 5.Cf6+ Rf7 6.Ch7 Cg6‡

2nd Commend 285 Henry Tanner

Echoed mates follow excelsiors, with the promotions taking place three files apart. Inevitably with a pawn minimal there is a lot of repetition, but the use of the white king to force the black play is interesting and possibly novel.

Problemaz 2008
2° Recommandé
Aidé en 6 coups
2 solutions

- 1.Ff7 é4 2.b1=F+ é5 3.b2 é6 4.Fh7 é×f7 5.Th3 f8=D 6.Th2 Df1‡
- 1.Fd7 é4 2.b1=T+ é5 3.b2 é6 4.Tç3 é×d7 5.Tç8+ d×ç8=D 6.Tg1 Dh3‡

3rd Commend 283 Pierre Tritten and Steven B.Dowd

The content is familiar, as the Q-Q form is by far the most common type of pawn-Zilahi, but there is artistry in the perfectly matched solutions. A pleasing reciprocal effect where a knight captures one pawn only to be captured by the other is followed by king and rook manoeuvres to set up the mates. Can the idea be shown with a single knight ?

Pierre TRITTEN & Steven B. DOWD
Problemaz 2008
3° Recommandé
Aié en 5,5 coups
2 solutions

- 1…g4 2.C×d3 g5 3.Cé5 g6 4.Cf7 g×f7 5.Ra1 f8=D 6.Tb1 Da3‡
- 1…d4 2.C×g3 d5 3.Cf5 d6 4.Cé7 d×é7 5.Rç1 é8=D 6.Tb2 D×é1‡

- Zilahi
- Cycle de captures
- Auto-blocage
- Captures réciproques
- Mats modèles
- Promotion

Michael McDowell

January 2010.